VinMotion® Pro

VinMotion®️ Pro offers next-level inventory management resources for dealers who want to go the extra mile. The upgraded plan includes all the same great features plus our latest software enhancement, VinVelocity™.

Key Features & Capabilities

Polling (New and/or Used Vehicles)


Galves Market Pricing


Bookout Sheets

Full Pricing

Competitive Set & Recommended Price



JD Power (1 mobile seat)


Mobile-Friendly App


Make Moves With VinVelocity

Making the right sourcing decisions and knowing the optimal time to sell a vehicle is key to generating revenue. You not only need to understand supply and demand today — but for the future too.

Stop digging through dashboards and spreadsheets to decide what to sell and stock. VinVelocity offers powerful predictive analytics to indicate past, present, and future vehicle profit trajectories using market ratings specific to your location. These trend-based analytics tell you what’s selling, who’s buying, and at what price to help you dominate your competition.


Give a Flip About Your Inventory Investments?

Flippable vehicle profile cards quickly make data-driven decisions and acquire the right inventory for today’s market. On one side: an easy-to-digest market rating score with key metrics. On the other: profitability trends at a glance.


Customized for You

View market ratings straight from your current inventory. Then, jump right to auctions with a single click. You can even filter auctions by section availability, highest profitability, and turn.


Capture Trends

Stay ahead of the curve. VinVelocity™ scorecards show not only a snapshot in time, they use past data to identify trends and help you make strong decisions for the future.


Fewer Clicks

Is gathering disparate data giving you a headache? VinVelocity™ is accessible from anywhere in VinMotion® Pro and doesn’t get in your way. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use and interpret.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go With VinMotion® Pro

Getting started with VinMotion® Pro is easy. Simply reach out for a demo or quote and our team will take it from there. Sit back, take notes, ask questions and watch your potential shift into high gear.